Build your Bottom Line

Do you consider joy when you’re preparing your year-end financials and medical costs?

Joy may not be on the books, but the amount you have of it is definitely affecting every aspect of your life and business, including your bottom line.

Research has shown that without a firm and enduring sense of balance and joy in our lives it can be difficult to achieve our goals.

These days, the stress of economic uncertainty and rapid change has brought many people to face more challenges than they’ve ever anticipated.

These conditions make it important for everyone to have enduring tools they can rely on to help them spark and maintain their emotional balance and joy.


About this program

You can rewire your brain to consistently feel more joy and help you live a more balanced life. Whatever your current emotional status, Creating Joy to Build Your Bottom Line will help you learn and make a habit of using these essential happiness-building skills:

  • Transforming stress into calm
  • Reclaiming humor and laughter
  • Planning for and cultivating daily happiness
  • Creating self-compassion and creativity


In just 3 minutes per day for 30 days, I will teach you how to build and enjoy these workplace benefits that research has proven are positive effects of a balanced and joyful life:

Isn’t it time you started following your joy?

  • Better teamwork

  • Better group communication
  • Better communication with customers/clients
  • Higher productivity
  • Better ability to adapt to change