Aunt Lena's Cucina Cookbook

Aunt Lena's Cucina Cookbook


More than a cookbook: a way of life.

The Italian-American guide to Making Your Own Gravy!

Eat to live and live to love! That’s the big joyful and unmistakable message in this wonderful collection of Italian-American recipes and pungent observations brought to your table by the irrepressible Aunt Lena.

Good food, good living, and good loving are intertwined in every recipe. This book highlights ingredients available nearly everywhere. It is possible to make dishes that, as Aunt Lena sez, “Show some respect!”

Not just for the food and the people who eat it but for yourself.

Lavishly illustrated with glamorous pictures of Aunt Lena herself, Aunt Lena’s Cucina is that rare combination of guide to life, cooking, and love.

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