Stories and Videos for Children

Find a comfy spot, relax, sit back and listen to Anne-Louise tell you some stories...




A Storytellers Story

Anne-Louise tells a short story about her own background

Old Joe and The Carpenter

A timeless story for children and adults

The Monkey and the Crocodile

A string story for children.

Thanks to Ann Glover for this tale.


The Power of Diego Underwear

One of Anne-Louise's own stories about finding joy


Bob & George

A grown up story about changing pereceptions.

Sample Programs

We want to customize your event specifically for you, and your young audience, but here are some stories and programs we've done before.


So? Waddya Gonna do? 

A hilarious and heartwarming selection of stories and songs from Anne-Louise’s native “country” of New Jersey. Centered on Anthony, the little Italian boy, Anne-Louise introduces the joys and hardships of immigrant culture in America. All students, whether first-generation, fifth-generation, or native, will see themselves in these stories. Designed specifically to foster a strong interest in history and a better understanding of the strength of our cultural diversity, Anne-Louise creates an unforgettable experience for any age.



You Tellin’ Tales?

Fish that make good cycling companions? Dogs that talk? Students love nonsensical and whimsical storytelling. Anne-Louise presents famous tall tales and gets budding storytellers thinking about what makes a good story as well as what it means to have a good imagination! Age specific songs and stories are chosen to appeal to each grade level.



People have such nice things to say.

Anne-Louise Sterry is living, singing and storytelling proof that childhood dreams can come true.
— Kathy Hensley LeClaire Elementary School, Illinois
Anne-Louise is one of the most charismatic and engaging performers that I have worked with in my tens years as a Youth Librarian.
— Andrea Milano Youth Librarian Hollywood Library Portland, OR
Anne-Louise has a gift for bringing all age groups a feeling of joy just by being in her presence. Over the years as I sat at her performances as a parent, I would see smiles on faces of toddlers, parents, preschoolers, school-agers and seniors. I watched as stone faced tired parents slowly started swaying to her songs and laughing at her stories. You can watch her work magic on a group of adults and children alike.
— Leslie Celestin, Portland, OR