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Anne-Louise Sterry


Authentic, Inspiring, Compelling, and Hilarious

Audacious Joy!


Joyful People Succeed

Joyful People Empower

Joyful People Inspire

Do you ever feel  overburdened, anxious or stressed?

Ever feel overwhelmed and concerned about keeping up with change?

If you answered YES to either of the above...then Anne-Louise Sterry is the answer!

We only have so much control over our circumstances. But we have total control over our choices, our actions, and our feelings!

Research shows that we can build the skills we need to bring more joy and balanced contentment into our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Anne-Louise along with her alter ego Aunt Lena, have a proven method to help you and your employees remain motivated, manage stress and adapt to change in a more positive and successful way.

Hire Anne-Louise with her alter ego Aunt Lena to inspire and motivate you, your team or  organization.