Anne-Louise Sterry provides Event Groups with Entertainment and Audacious Joy

Audacious Joy is what your attendees should feel at your event. Surprising and bold, add a bit of audaciousness to your evening and take your get-together to new levels of entertainment for your guests.

Anne-Louise Sterry is an internationally-known motivational speaker and award-winning recording artist, singer-songwriter, author, and master storyteller. Over the past four years, she has been writing with renowned and successful songwriters from LA to Nashville, adding to her ever-growing tracklist.

Unfailingly positive and empowering, Anne-Louise brings energy and rare authenticity to her audiences. She speaks and performs across America and Europe in concerts and keynotes as herself and as her alter-ego, Aunt Lena, an amalgam of  Anne-Louise’s exuberant Italian relatives.


If you are looking for a creative way to add some entertainment to your upcoming gathering, then reach out to Anne-Louise. Whether your goal is to entertain adults or a family-friendly audience, all programs and skills are customized. Then, she’ll build the perfect program for your audience. Let’s make your event a resounding success!

About Aunt Lena

Meet Aunt Lena, an alter-ego cocktail of all of Anne-Louise’s exuberant Italian family. As Aunt Lena, Anne-Louise shares a thought-provoking and hilarious approach to living life with audacious joy. She not only tickles the funny bone and regularly has people howling with laughter, but Aunt Lena goes a little deeper with her cutting-edge Mediterranean wisdom to make a real and positive difference in their lives. 

If you are looking to inspire and entertain those in your organization, then look no further than Anne-Louise Sterry and her famous alter ego. Through storytelling, music, and her own inimitable style, Aunt Lena will have your guests roaring with laughter in no time. 

About Aunt Lena

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