Aunt Lena

Zia Lena’s Guide to Life, Love, and Lasagne

Anne-Louise’s most popular performance

Who is Aunt Lena?

The truth-talking, lasagna-baking relative we all wish we had growing up

Aunt Lena is an alter-ego cocktail of all of Anne-Louise’s exuberant Italian family. As her bold, lipstick-smacking persona, Anne-Louise shares a thought-provoking and hilarious approach to living life with audacious joy.

She not only tickles the funny bone and regularly has people howling with laughter, but Aunt Lena goes a little deeper with her cutting-edge Mediterranean wisdom to make a real and positive difference in their lives. Whether your audience is adult-only or family-friendly, Aunt Lena adapts to the room to ensure everyone’s entertainment. 

This performance provides your attendees with moments of roaring laughter and subtle reminders about how we can do more with less to create joy in our lives. With inspiring, authentic, and hilarious bits about some of life’s best moments, invite Anne-Louise to your event for a memorable evening.

Entertainment for All Occasions

For morale-building events, staff conferences, or simply to entertain the guests at your get-together, Aunt Lena is a perfect choice.

As her alter-ego, Anne-Louise will put together a program specific to your event and its goals. Is your organization’s culture in need of a boost at an upcoming retreat? Maybe your group’s region could benefit from a reminder about the power of joy.

If you are looking for someone to engage, inspire, and entertain your guests, look no further than Anne-Louise Sterry as her alter-ego. Through storytelling, music, and her own inimitable style, Aunt Lena will have your guests roaring with laughter in no time.

Dear Dolls,

Oh, it is just so good to be back with ya on stage! I missed seeing all youse smile while the pandemic had us locked away. BUT- we’re back dolls! Back and betta than eva as they say these days!

Now that we’re back to celebrating in-person it’s time to spread some Audacious Joy in ya lives. The easiest way to spread joy to those you love is to celebrate, the little things too, like good weather and personal accomplishments, not just birthdays and whatnot.

And youse already know when there’s a party there’s gotta be somethin’ to talk about, no entertainment and no party! Luckily I know a gal who will knock their socks off…

So dolls, next time youse are throwin’ a party, hosting a company retreat, or a school event, invite ya ol’ Aunt Lena for some added audacious joy! We’ve all been through lots these days and it’s time we make moments for joy.


Aunt Lena

Aunt Lena entertains

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