Keynote Concerts

A highly engaging experience adaptable to any audience

Keynote Concerts from Anne-Louise Sterry

A New Take on the Traditional Keynote Presentation

Keynote Concerts are a riveting transformation of traditional keynote programs. By weaving songs and stories with thought-provoking lessons, it has never been easier to deliver a program that is guaranteed to resonate with your audience. The end result is an engaging, memorable, and unique experience, unlike the traditional lecture-only style.

With her diverse background from medical software consulting, to a degree in psychology and psychiatric nursing, to now performing arts – Sterry has the flexibility and empathy required to develop an effective program for any audience.

Keynote Concert Programs:

Let Your Heart Be Heard

Inspiring strategies for living life with more Audacious Joy

Outcomes: Empowerment, Motivation, Vision/Purpose

People have experienced a lot in recent years, and as we are starting to rebuild, some are finding it challenging to find that sense of community again.

This keynote concert delivers entertainment, inspiration, and motivation all in one invigorating package. With a mixture of songs, stories, and interactive performances, Anne-Louise Sterry will reveal the secrets to living life with more audacious joy.

After attending this keynote concert, guests will feel empowered in their current role and confident applying the concepts shared to living life with more audacious joy.

Core Themes: Personal Development, Motivation, Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Image, Vision/Purpose
Happily Ever... Always? Keynote Concert Description

Perfect For:

Fundraising event planners, Government associations, Public Events, Motivational Events, and General Industry Conferences

Put Your Heads Together!

Achieve collective success through a journey of self-discovery

Outcomes: Team Collaboration, Resilience in Change

Breaking thought patterns is important for companywide success. Negative thought patterns limit individuals and their organizations from achieving their true potential.

In this keynote-concert, Anne-Louise embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the audience to help leaders feel confident, in-control, and relaxed so they can lead with greater impact. Participants will learn why it is so crucial for them – as individuals, employees, and community members – to intentionally break thought patterns.

After attending this program, guests will leave feeling refreshed, motivated, and refocused to immediately take the next step towards their success.

Core Themes: Teamwork/Teambuilding, Empowerment, Motivation, Leadership, Communication, Collaboration
Put Your Heads Together! Keynote Concert from Anne-Louise Sterry

Perfect For:

Conferences, Women in Leadership, Middle Managers, Professional Development Events, and Business Owners 

Be an Audacious Leader!

The secret sauce for managing stress while managing others

Outcomes: Leading Confidently, Engagement, Culture

Managers are dealing with new types of stress. As a manager, it is not uncommon to see your own needs fall farther and farther down the priority list when tasks start to pile up.

It is a proven fact that people make better decisions when they feel good, when they’re happy, when they’re joyful. That means improved employee engagement, retention, and productivity. So, if managers instead can take care of themselves and be intentional with their self-care, it will lead to better management and support to their teams.

By attending this keynote concert, guests will learn how to rewire the brain to help employees be self-accountable, consistently perform better, have better communication skills, be more productive, and deal more easily with change.

Core Themes: Leadership, Retention, Culture, Communication, Engagement, Management
Be an Audacious Leader! Keynote Concert from Anne-Louise Sterry

Perfect For:

Teachers and Educational Professionals, Women in Leadership, Middle Managers, All Staff Events, Emerging Leaders, and Professional Development Events

Choosing a New Story

Rewire your brain to embrace and unlock your potential

Outcomes: Dynamic Communication, Inspired Action

Individuals have more power to influence themselves and those around them than we think! It all falls back to internal self-talk, thought patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves.

In this unique keynote concert, Anne-Louise calls on her background in psychology and the most up-to-date research to inspire your group into action by actually helping to rewire the brain. They will leave genuinely moved to make immediate and enduring positive changes benefiting themselves, their families, and their co-workers.

By participating in this program, attendees will feel more confident taking challenges head-on, more engaged in group dynamics, and have the tools to immediately implement a stronger workplace culture that enables productivity and communication.

Core Themes: Accountability, Culture, Engagement, Personal Development, Motivation, Empowerment
Choosing a New Story from Anne-Louise Sterry

Perfect For:

Middle Managers, Women in Leadership, Technical Groups, Professional Development Events

Partial Client List:

European PTA
Oregon Transit Association
The Society of Women Engineers
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Providence Medical Group
Oregon School Boards Association
REMAX Equity Group
Washington Association of School Administrators