Be an Audacious Leader!

The secret sauce for managing stress while managing others

Keynote Concert Description:

Outcomes: Leading Confidently, Engagement, Culture 

Be an Audacious Leader! is a unique keynote concert where attendees will learn proven strategies for successfully managing others while managing personal goals and challenges. 

Managers are dealing with new types of stress. As a manager, it is not uncommon to see your own needs fall farther and farther down the priority list when tasks start to pile up.

But people are still looking for ways to create innovation and new solutions with less. Managers are being stretched thin, being asked to support their employees, their organizations, deal with their own tasks, and somehow manage personal life and mental health within it all.

It is a proven fact that people make better decisions when they feel good, when they’re happy, when they’re joyful. That means improved employee engagement, retention, and productivity. So, if managers instead can take care of themselves and be intentional with their self-care, it will lead to better management and support to their teams.

By attending this keynote concert, guests will learn how to rewire the brain to help employees be self-accountable, consistently perform better, have better communication skills, be more productive, and deal more easily with change. 


Core Themes: Leadership, Retention, Culture, Communication, Engagement, Management 

Perfect for...

  • Teachers and Education Professionals
  • Women in Leadership
  • Middle Managers
  • All Staff Events
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Professional Development Events

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