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Aunt Lena

Anne-Louise’s famous alter-ego takes the stage!

Aunt Lena is the lasagna baking, lipstick smacking, raw wisdom-giving relative we all wish we grew up with. In this program, Aunt Lena tells it like it is in a strangely endearing way that will have your group howling in no time.

Based on the long-running ‘Aunt Lena Sez’, this performance is geared towards adult audiences and staff events. Aunt Lena does not perform for children. 

Through storytelling, music, and her inimitable style, Aunt Lena can cut to the chase on any given topic, and she certainly doesn’t mince words and loves to give advice. Warning: Audacious Joy is contagious! Anne-Louise and Aunt Lena will make your event a resounding success.

Stage Performances and Storytelling services

Stage Performances and Storytelling

Let’s build the perfect program for your group

Stage performances and storytelling are two of the performing arts that Anne-Louise uses to build programs for adult groups or children and family audiences. On stage solo or accompanied by her ensemble, there are multiple arrangements to choose from.

If you need a high-energy performance to get your event moving on day one, browse these shows to energize and invigorate your attendees. Joined by one ordinary Englishman, you’ll learn what happens when Italian Exuberance meets English understatement and sangfroid. Let Anne-Louise, Bob, and Aunt Lena send you on your way relaxed and laughing.

Whether you would like a concert, a song gathering, or an open mic, Sterry’s gift for building rapport and creating a community will create a memorable evening for your guests.

Most programs are custom built to fit your agenda and goals for the event, read about the services available to build your ideal performance to learn more.

Keynote Concerts

Keynote Concerts are just like any other keynote presentation, with the addition of songs and music. The end result is an engaging, memorable, and unique experience, unlike the traditional lecture-only style.

With her diverse background – from medical software consulting, to a degree in psychology and psychiatric nursing, to now performing arts – Sterry has the flexibility and empathy required to develop an effective program for any audience

Kids and Families

Anne-Louise brings Audacious Joy to classrooms and school assemblies to foster compassion and creativity 

Anne-Louise Sterry performs for kids and families at school assemblies, community events, and other family-friendly celebrations.

By engaging Anne-Louise you will gain her extensive experience of working with children and adults in the broadest variety of settings, from small groups of under a dozen to auditoriums of a thousand.

Best of all, programs can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact Anne-Louise to create a custom program just for you!

Fabulous! She was the best emcee of any conference I’ve been to anywhere in the world … and I’ve been to a number.

Funny, and entertaining, kept us on time with grace. Very, very well done – and so professional! Loved it.

Womens Global Summit LAX


Looking for an Emcee for Your Event in OR?

Does your gathering in Oregon need an Emcee? Someone to keep things moving with grace and humor, and make sure your event stays on time? Anne-Louise is a perfect choice!

Ensure your guests walk away with the best possible experience. Learn more about the benefits of hiring an Event Emcee, for both the artists’ performances and your audiences’ attention span.