Choosing a New Story

Rewire your brain to embrace and unlock your potential

Keynote Concert Description:

Outcomes: Dynamic Communication, Inspired Action 

Choosing a New Story is a unique keynote concert where audience members will learn proven methods for successfully rewiring the brain to embrace and unlock one’s potential. 

Individuals have more power to influence themselves and those around them than we think! It all falls back to internal self-talk, thought patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves.

In this unique keynote concert, Anne-Louise calls on her background in psychology and the most up-to-date research to inspire your group into action by actually helping to rewire the brain. They will leave genuinely moved to make immediate and enduring positive changes benefiting themselves, their families, and their co-workers.

As she speaks to your company, the themes of living kindness, embracing personal responsibility, and the power of changing your story is woven throughout her presentation.

By participating in this program, attendees will feel more confident taking challenges head-on, more engaged in group dynamics, and have the tools to immediately implement a stronger workplace culture that enables productivity and communication. 


Core Themes: Accountability, Culture, Engagement, Personal Development, Motivation, Empowerment 

Perfect for...

  • Middle Managers 
  • Motivational Events 
  • Women in Leadership 
  • Technical Groups 
  • Professional Development Events

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