Put Your Heads Together!

Achieve collective success through a journey of self-discovery

Keynote Concert Description:

Outcomes: Team Collaboration, Resilience in Change 

Put Your Heads Together! is a unique keynote concert that guides attendees through a journey of self-discovery in order to reach collective goals. 

Breaking thought patterns is important for companywide success. Negative thought patterns limit individuals and their organizations from achieving their true potential.

In this keynote-concert, Anne-Louise embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the audience to help leaders feel confident, in-control, and relaxed so they can lead with greater impact. Participants will learn why it is so crucial for them – as individuals, employees, and community members – to intentionally break thought patterns.

Studies show that employees at all levels of the company make better business decisions when they are joyful and feeling empowered. Anne-Louise has a proven method to help employees remain motivated, manage stress, and adapt to change in a more positive and successful way.

After attending this program, guests will leave feeling refreshed, motivated, and refocused to immediately take the next step towards their success.


Core Themes: Teamwork/Teambuilding, Empowerment, Motivation, Leadership, Communication, Collaboration

Perfect for...

  • Conferences 
  • Women in Leadership 
  • Middle Managers 
  • Professional Development Events 
  • Business Owners

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