Custom Songs

Contact us by 12/31/2023 for a $500 discount on custom songs!

The possibilities are endless! Personalized, custom songs are the perfect gift for someone who already has everything.

Conferences and organization events are only made more memorable with the addition of original music. Custom songs that are authentic to your mission or brand help to leave guests inspired with an unforgettable experience.

Custom songs are an excellent gift idea for a loved one or a couple. Create a Custom Song for a Special Event or a Campaign Kick-Off. The possibilities are endless.

We work with you to ensure your Custom Song has the right tone and message. Your song will be remembered long after the actual event or presentation. Your Custom Song will be professionally recorded just for you!

How it works:


  1. Anne-Louise will personally work with you to determine the unique feel, theme, and essence of your song.
  2. Then, Anne-Louise will use her vast experience in songwriting to compose the melody and write the lyrics. Once she has a first draft ready, she will follow up with you for feedback before moving on to the next step.
  3. After you approve the lyrics and melody, Anne-Louise will head to her recording studio to record, edit, mix, and master your custom song.
  4. We will send you your custom song in MP3 format along with a master CD and the song lyrics.
  5. Finally, your audience falls in love with the song and thanks you for such an unforgettable experience!