Back in Person

Nov 30, 2022Stories

Time in Nashville

Back in person with people I had only met via Zoom for a week of writing – yes please!

When I am not working on my performances or music, I am a mother and grandmother, a wife, and many other things. Like a lot of people, I wear many hats.

But for this week in Nashville, I got to spend the entire week being totally me. Not a Nona, not a mom, not a wife. Just Anne-Louise, singer, songwriter, artist, and performer.

Never Long Enough

For an entire week, I met publishers for breakfast, wrote songs with other artists face-to-face, and just hung out with other musicians. There was an amazing energy in the air, it seemed to follow you wherever you were. Maybe that’s just Nashville.

I even played at a writer’s round at Whiskey Bent on Broadway. Thank you to Jan and Charles, the hosts of the round!

A Different Kind of Learning 

Collaboration is important for artists, critiques and feedback is how we grow. While the COVID pandemic was at its peak, opportunities for collaboration were slim. Zoom helped some, but working on music with another person is just better face-to-face. 

Being back in person is something no artist will ever take for granted again, let me tell you. 

After the week was up I was just about ready to head home. The week exhausted me in the best possible way, stretching my creativity and skills in ways I hadn’t before. Needless to say, I will be going back frequently.