What a time!

Oct 31, 2022Stories

What a time!

Oct 31, 2022 | Stories

Focus Events, Collaboration, and New Growth

What a time we had! This October, I had the pleasure of attending a Focus Event hosted by none other than Sheree Spoltore.

Sheree is the President of Global Songwriters Connection (GSC) and a dear friend of mine in the industry. GSC is an association for singer/songwriters that was founded in 2013.

Personally, I enjoy working with the group because they focus on your growth as an artist, not just an individual song or track. All the events I have attended that have been organized by Global Songwriters Connection have been wonderful, full of learning and talented people.

A Weekend of Writing

As performing artists, it isn’t every day we get to collaborate with others in such a focused environment. But when we do, oh what a time it is!

For 3 days, I was paired with the talented Parker Francis to write songs with 3 different pro writers.  What a time we had – and this was all on zoom! 

Our Pro-Writers:

Emily Haber, Prescription Songs – @emilyhaber

Jarrell Pierson,  Independent – @reggaerica

Kyle Jefferson, The Bus Music – @j4given

In addition to getting to work with some very talented writers, we had meetings with publishers too.

Our Publishers:

Adam Travis; Concord Publishing, New York, NY

Meghan Booth; Prescription Songs, Los Angeles, CA – @megghaaan

Liz Rogers; Anacrusis Publishing, Nashville, TN

The weekend was fun and full of learning. Our small group had the chance to receive feedback from very successful writers, talk to publishers about our work and future, and dive deep into what makes us unique as an artist.

At the end of each afternoon, Kyle Jefferson led us through three workshops on writing for the Sync market. 

It was so exhilarating, exciting, and pleasantly exhausting. I had to be online at 6 am dressed and ready to go! The entire experience was wildly wonderful and successful for me.

Shout Outs

Thank you Sheree Spoltore and Global Songwriters for this event! I love you!

My writing partner for the weekend: @parkerfrancisband