Aunt Lena’s Cucina

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Eat to live and live to love! That’s the underlying message in Aunt Lena’s Cucina, a wonderful collection of Italian-American recipes brought to your table by the irrepressible Aunt Lena.

And not surprisingly, these simple-to-prepare family recipes make perfect sense in a world where everyone is concerned about nutrition and a healthy way of life. Good food, a good life, and love are intertwined in every recipe.

From ingredients available nearly everywhere, it is possible to make dishes that, as Aunt Lena observes, “show some respect!” Not just for. the food and the people who eat it, but for yourself.

Once again we can take comfort from the scientific research that shows that these time-honored dishes feed us not merely with the right nutritional balance, but with a sense of well-being and connection to solid values. And we can again feel justified when we resort to our kitchen to prepare a dish that will inoculate us from many threats.

Aunt Lena’s life has been full of food and love. Passing on her passion and exuberance for life is the motivation behind the publication of this book. We all need food, life, and love.

Who better to give us all a helping hand than Aunt Lena herself? Order your copy of Aunt Lena’s Cucina today!

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Sterry & Sterry, Inc.; First Edition (January 1, 2009)



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1 review for Aunt Lena’s Cucina

  1. Debra O.

    One cannot read through Aunt Lena’s Cucina and get to the end without a smile on their face and a desire to run into the kitchen to cook…and then to EAT… the wonderful meals in her repertoire. The recipes are great, but it’s the pictures of Aunt Lena and her ongoing commentary that make the reader either happy to BE Italian or wishful that they WERE! Mangia!

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