Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy


Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy is an audio course where renowned happiness expert Anne-Louise Sterry will guide you through the steps to rewire your brain to consistently feel more joy and help you live a more balanced life. Wherever you find yourself at this time, listening to Anne-Louise’s calm soothing voice in this audio course will guide you through a series of understandings that will open your mind to a place where you can find and maintain a sense of balance, vibrancy, and joy. You will learn ways to:

  • Release and transform stress into calm
  • Change the stories you tell yourself to support a balanced life
  • Overcome unrealistic expectations
  • Reclaiming humor and laughter
  • Planning for and cultivating daily happiness
  • Creating self-compassion and creativity

Isn’t it time you started following your joy?

Research has shown that unless we have a firm and enduring sense of balance and joy in our lives it can be difficult to achieve our personal goals. In recent years the stress of economic uncertainty and rapid change has brought many people to face more challenges than they ever thought they would have to. These two conditions make it important to have enduring tools on which individuals can rely to help them find and maintain that balance and joy.

In just 4 sessions, Anne-Louise will teach you how to build and enjoy these workplace benefits that research has proven are positive effects of a balanced and joyful life:

  • Better teamwork
  • Better group communication
  • Better communication with customers/clients
  • Higher productivity
  • Better ability to adapt to change

You will receive one pdf booklet with instructions to guide you through the course, and each of the four sessions with audio files inside. Just open the download, find a quiet and comfortable place, and listen to Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy to start your journey!

BONUS - With every audio course purchase, you get a 30-minute call with Anne-Louise herself! This call can be scheduled before, during, or after the course. There is no obligation to schedule the call, it is completely optional. For those who do want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply email Anne-Louise after you purchase the course to schedule!


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